The Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) showed the live ammunition they said was found to be related to the riots during the 21-22 May 2019 action. Sharp bullets were called fired at the victims.
“We highlighted this and evidence of live bullets being used,” said MER-C Advisory Council Doctor Joserizal Jurnalis while showing live ammunition and rubber during a press conference at his office, Jalan Kramat Lontar, Central Jakarta, Saturday (05/25/2019) .

“We see them using live ammunition shot by the victim,” he continued.
Joserizal did not explain the details of where the ammunition was found by MER-C volunteers when riots broke out. He also mentioned that there were bullets obtained from one of the hospitals that carried out the operation on the victim, but again he did not explain which hospital and who the victims were.
“This tin from weapons may be taken by surgery patients and volunteers. “Found a sharp bullet where in the location, don’t mention it,” he said.
On the findings, Joserizal said his party would bring it to the United Nations (United Nations). He said the problems related to the presence of live ammunition were universal and not limited to the state.

“We will jump out because it is universal not limited to the state and nation. “The one who manages the United Nation is an international tribunal (United Nations or United Nations),” he said.
Joserizal said that his party was involved in dealing with victims of both the mass action and the TNI-Polri who were at the location of the riots. He explained, in addition to the death toll, there were also victims who were traumatized to the alleged assault of medical vehicles.
“There were both death victims, mild to severe trauma, then there were attacks on medical transportation vehicles. Then there are bad treatment of medical volunteers, “Joserizal said.

He said that the death toll in a demonstration due to violence was a form of crimes against humanity. In the war, he said, civilians must also be respected and should not kill carelessly.
“The victim died in a demonstration due to violence which was shot and beaten and tortured is a crime of humanity. In a war even civilians must be respected even though they are involved in the evacuation of victims and civilians are not involved in the war. Especially in the demonstration, there is an ethic that cannot kill carelessly in war, “he explained.

The National Police itself has spoken out regarding accusations of live ammunition during the demonstration. Security personnel at the demonstration in Bawaslu, according to the National Police, were not provided with live bullets. The police also banned the brutal actions of the masses in accordance with the provisions.

“What I have to say is that yesterday I stressed that the instructions of the TNI Commander and the Chief of Indonesian Police were clear, that security officers were very clear, security personnel in demonstration activities were not equipped with sharp bullets. I have said yesterday, we are convinced that there are those who use live ammunition, they are convinced that it is not the security personnel of the Indonesian National Armed Forces in the context of this demonstration, ”said Indonesian Police Public Relations Chief Inspector M Iqbal at a press conference at the Kemenko Polhukam office, Jl Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta. Wednesday (5/22).