At least 6 people were killed and dozens of injuries from scattering events. We call this event a massacre because armed Brimob police opened fire on residents of Tambamburan or those who took part in the action then stayed at the Tanah Abang petamburan area. While those shot at were unarmed. Helpless.

In the media, there is a video that shows blind shots even though there are people who shout that those shot at are residents. Petamburan becomes “the killing field”. Tanah Abang really becomes “blood red soil”. It happened May 22 at dawn. If the May 21 alone incident then May 22 is a massacre.

Become many mysteries of this event. who plays themselves as “rioters” which is the reason for the massacre. Why targets and targets are scattered areas that are said to be the headquarters or FPI posts.

Is it true that there is an alleged “Chinese army” wing on Brimob. Is it true that some Chinese-language police officers opened fire on it. Is all this true under an official command or unit acting alone. Then it was opened to the victim’s autopsy.

All of these questions require accurate and bright answers. Therefore it needs to be investigated carefully by the Independent Fact Finding Team. Or the House of Representatives made an inquiry committee so that the massacre was revealed and the responsible parties could be subject to legal sanctions. The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) which has also been reported immediately moves. There are allegations of human rights violations in this case.

The issue of the death of 600 election officials is now incomplete with the shooting incident in Petamburan. Serious problems occur continuously in this country. Attached to the election process that is far from being honest and fair.

Indeed, the regime failed to run a democratic system safely and with dignity. The oligarchy combines with tyranny into pollution of democracy. End of power that is not good (su “ul khotimah).
Jokowi is a politician who appears Ujug. Therefore it is easily driven by controlling interests that are indeed politically mature. Crisis management is still weak. Problems are dealt with repressively so that people’s hatred clots.

As a ruler, there can be reasons for rioters in the field, but other perspectives are not. There are always parties who make way for slaughter.
Jokowi does not deserve to be President. Either go back or down. The people must not be sacrificed by ambition and greed for power. Game is over.
Jakarta, May 22, 2019 (*)